Battling Mitochondrial Disease

Mito is Progressive and Fatal

Mitochondrial Disease ("Mito" for short) is a multi-symptom, multi-organ disease.  The Mitochondrial that part of every cell (but red blood cells) which produces energy, becomes mutated. There are many variants of Mito. In fact, the MDs discovered a new variant in Pete Wirs.  It is now called "Wirs Disease."

Exercise Only Available Therapy

There's not much anyone can do about Mito, except exercise daily and take what the MDs call a Mito Cocktail, a blend of nutritional supplements and vitamins.  Wirs exercises almost three hours daily, including jogging 5 miles. Getting Mito under control is evident in the before and after photo of Pete Wirs in 2010 and today.  Then, Wirs weighed over 250 lbs. Today, he's at 170 lbs.

Wrestling Actually Saved Wirs' Life

While Wrestling may be the most difficult of all sports, it actually saved Wirs his life.  In his very first bout April 17, 2014, historic as Wirs became the oldest person ever to compete in his very first sanctioned bout, the doctors noticed that his scalp was cherry red, giving them a clue something was wrong. What had happened was that the chest muscles were so weak, they couldn't breathe while wrestling.