Beach Wrestling National Championships

Defending Opponent's Leg Attack

I stop my 2018 exhibition opponent, Dillon Ryan attacks with a double leg. My scheduled age/weight class opponent earlier injured himself.

Opponent Scores Take-Down with Back Exposure

While he won the first of three, 3-1 with one take-down, and take-down with back exposure, to my one push out, in the second bout, he manhandled me with two take-downs with back exposure.

But I Come Back to Win Third Bout

I scored two push-outs and one take-down, although Dillon got a take-down with back exposure.

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Rolling with a Younger Guy

Getting warmed up for my exhibition bouts by "rolling" with one of the many combatants.  I am wearing a Sully Brace due to the US Open shoulder dislocation that occurred prior month.

Rusty and I Go At It

Rusty and I go at it in one of our two exhibition bouts.  I made the mistake of not getting enough rest the prior day and in the first bout, Rusty had full command.

But I Settled Down and Battled in 2nd Bout

I regained my settings and didn't allow my opponent to push me around again.

Masters Freestyle Nationals

Suffered Injury in 2017

 Up against Jeff Jacobs of Connecticut, Wirs suffered a dislocated shoulder at 2:38 of the first period. Jacobs scored three takedowns against Wirs.  But Jacobs was unable to turn Wirs in parre terre. 

Made It To a Minute in 2015

Competing in only his 2nd tournament, the coaches demanded Wirs prove himself to be able to go one minute against his opponents. In 2015, it was still not diagnosed that Wirs was suffering lactic acidosis attacks due to Mito inflicting his respiratory system.

2014 was the First

While Wirs' second opponent has a headlock, the doctors noticed how red Wirs' scalp was - this was the first clue that what was wrong was not diabetes. At least in the 2nd bout, Wirs was able to double the time on the mat.

Marquee Match at 2017 Chertow Camp

Putting all on the Mat

After a grueling two-week Ken Chertow Wrestling Camp in State College, PA, I was the marquee match (a full 6-minute bout) at the camp's end, going against Nick Curreri, an 18 year old weighing 20 lbs less so as to emulate an opponent my age.

The Russian (2 on 1) Tie

One hold they drilled me on was the Russian (2 on 1) tie which I successfully executed during the match.  Not only do I command his arm but my head drove straight into his shoulder.

The Power Lock

Similar to a Half Nelson, I am driving a Power Lock over my opponent's head so I can then twist and turn him down to the mat.

Head Lock into the Snake

My right hand is gripping my opponent's chin as my left hand is getting ready to fly over his back and grap his left side. However, either due the Mito or the EIR (exercise induced rhinitis) I "gassed out," that is I ran out of energy to complete the move. My medical team is already seeking to resolve this so I can compete at the Worlds.  

Caught in a Vice Grip

My opponent catches me in a vice grip and when I finally belly out, he succeeded in scoring on me with a leg lace.

Driving Him to the Mat

Here, I have a Collar Tie, preparing to drive my opponent to the mat.  Camp Coach, 1988 Olympian Ken Chertow is "reffing" the bout.

All photographs courtesy of  Chad W. Rundell, Ashville NC.  

2017 Tournaments and Runs

Going for the Gut Wrench

I am getting to ready to turn my opponent for back exposure points at the 2017 Philadelphia Spartans Tournament.

Squaring Off

This bout didn't last but a minute, as I suffered a Lactic Acidosis attack (although at the time, we didn't know it).

Completing My First 8K

After doing my first 5K in May, I ran the Rothman 8K in November, finishing at 59:06.