Running for the PA Senate

Because Philly Still Needs to be Heard in Harrisburg

When State Rep. John Taylor announced he wasn't seeking re-election, the City of Philadelphia would be left without a voice in either the House or Senate Majority Caucus, where "the rubber meets the road." Despite being terminally ill, Pete Wirs still has a conscience to serve his friends and neighbors of the City of Brotherly Love.

Being Bipartisan is the Better Way to Serve the Voters

When running for office in Harrisburg, Pete Wirs was both the Democratic and Republican nominee. While running for the State Senate is more important than running for State Constable, bipartisanship is needed - today more than ever. Pete Wirs as a Republican, will be running in the Democratic Primary, while GOP voters write Wirs in the Republican Primary.

Thinking Outside the Box Gets Results that Save Taxes

PA's current fiscal crisis is the other reason finally prompting Pete Wirs to run. PA has been only one of two states that refuses to obey the U.S. Supreme Court's Quill v. North Dakota decision that allows states collect non-resident personal income taxes, on the books since 1971 and now over $2 billion a year due the Commonwealth.

Issues Not Rhetoric

Voters want common sense. While there's no simple solutions, there are intelligent choices. 

The Authority on Public Ethics

As the author of the forthcoming, two-volume treatise, Government Ethics, Accountability and Productivity, Pete Wirs is the undisputed authority on public ethics.

Wirs Walks the Walk

We Want Wirs will be the first campaign to voluntarily comply with the NCOPO Model Code of Official Conduct. As it should be, as Pete Wirs is the draftsman of the Model Code of Official Conduct.

For More Information

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