Peter J Wirs

The Congressional Record, March 31 2004

Meet Pete Wirs

Fighting for Us

Pete Wirs has been on the front lines standing up for what's right. Starting, at age 18, reforming the New Britain Township (Bucks Co.) Board of Supervisors, to blowing the whistle against the corruption of now former Harrisburg, PA Mayor Steven Reed while trying to upgrade the ancient office of Constable - to resolving Pennsylvania's $57.2 billion fiscal crisis (which Wirs has resolved).

Dying, but Not Quitting

On June 3, 2016 the test results came in - Pete WIrs has Mitochondrial Disease, which is progressive and fatal.  Suffering all his life from chronic fatigue, doctors merely thought it was Type II diabetes.  But despite the severe difficulty of coping with the lack of energy, Wirs has pledged to run for the Pennsylvania State Senate, so that Philadelphia continues to have a voice in the Legislature's  Majority Caucus. Wirs has already solved PA's fiscal woes, and once elected, get the Commonwealth back on solid footing.

When not Working, Wirs is Wrestling

Despite being terminally ill with Mitochondrial Disease throughout his life, but diagnosed only last year, Pete Wirs wanted to fulfill his "Bucket List."  On April 17, 2014, Pete Wirs became the oldest person (at age 59) to have his very first Wrestling bout at the US Open.  On April 27, Pete Wirs become the first American and the first male to complete in any non-Paralympic event suffering from Mito.

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